Thursday, March 8, 2007

Four years at BITS!!!

...Sometimes I wish to

God I didn't know now...

The things I didn't know


Oh. You've been happy all your life. You've never felt the disillusionment threaten to rain down your dreams.You've gazed in uncomprehending amazement at those who didnt play by the rules and questioned the game.But of course.

I remember a moment, not very long ago, when i punctuated with a mery laugh, a profound observation made by one of my seniors- that to survive your third year in BITS, you need good spirits. That sounded like adolescent angst to me- why, we were past all that in high school! Now I see what deeper, darker.No longer does the world treat with kid gloves- now that you're almost stepping out into this big,bad world.

...And it just makes me

wonder why so many lose,

so few win...

And give me something to

beleive in...

It isn't just the cumulative frustration function of academics(Or is it?) After all, thats what we're here for. Our chosen subject of study.May be its just the unwillingness to become adults. Somehow, adulthood seems to carry the threat of mundane existence, with no new or exciting possiblities. May be its fear of brutual competition.Maybe its just the confusion that comes with not knowing. How many of who've decided MS/MBA route really know what they are doing? Sure, we've given it thought- discussed it ad infinitum. But that doesn't mean too much, does it?

And then again, maybe it is what they term "college rebellion".Everyone has a "when-i-was-in-college-.."story. And its never pure candyfloss. That would make one lousy story

Oh well. To what we learn, what we unlearn, what we don't learn and what we wish we hadn't learnt..To four years of discovery in Pilani. Our makeshift "graduation ceremony"-to batch snaps, an excuse to deck up and pose. To happy endings!
Ready Smile!- :)

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