Friday, February 23, 2007

Campus Placements!!!

Finally, the placements had come to an end...i would say it was a great experience to work as a volunteer for the placements..would always cherish the moments spent waitin for the results to be put up in the notice boards and the excitement, once the results r out...Its ended up leaving behind an silence after a huge storm..Many of us thought the placements in this semester was better than that of first sem...the happiest thing of all is many are goin back with a 4-5 lpa job in hand which was not the case with the first semester..ppl were worried of the placements as many companies got cancelled in the beginning...but it was all covered up by many new companies turning up..Finally i would say it was a very gud experience for me...

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Its the Beginning!!!!

Blogger seems very to know about this very recently...Dont have any idea how to start wid it...but psentisem gave me a chance..Life seems very boring even though the placements keep us busy these days :) Still waitin to njoi the sentisem to the maximum possible..the DWs,the music nites,C'not treats and finally the farewells which is the sad part of all..bidding gudbye to our beloved ones...Hope this sentisem becomes a memorable period in my life.....:)